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West End Toolkit

Strapline: Canterbury’s West End – A pilgrimage of food, shops, arts and hot spots.


For centuries, these streets have been a hive of activity.
Alive with history and hubbub.
Rich with celebration and good cheer.
A place where pagans partied.
Where authors, artists, playwrights and poets roamed.
A pilgrimage of feasting, shopping and entertaining.
And today is no different.
Because this is Canterbury’s beating heart.
A place where gothic history plays host to a contemporary cityscape.
A bohemian hub laced with fabulous food, shops, bars, theatres and hot spots.
It’s the place for the curious and the creative.
It’s the place for community, care and togetherness. 
These streets await you.
The question is, are you ready to take the pilgrimage?
Welcome to the West End.

We are so excited to be supporting the launch of the West End business quarter for Canterbury.

Local digital agency Finally have put together a fantastic brand toolkit for the area and below you will find all the links you need to start creating your own content.

To start with, please watch the tutorial below – it is only 3 minutes, and it explains exactly how to access the digital marketing tools using Canva (a free to use, online, design toolkit):

Now that you have watched the video – here are the links to Canva so you can start creating your own designs!



Millie Collier is running your social media channels for the next year, to get everything launched. She has already started creating content for the West End Facebook and Instagram pages – so make sure to tag them into any of your posts:

Instagram: @canterburywestend

Facebook: @canterburywestend

The West End WhatsApp group has been created in order for local businesses to stay in touch with each other. If you are a business in the area and would like to join the group, please contact Millie Collier: and she will organise for you to be included.

Welcome to the West End
guidelines. These guidelines are
not here to restrict creativity,
but to ensure we maintain
consistency with our brand.
The more we adhere to the
guidelines within everything we do,
the stronger we are as a collective.

Download Full Guidelines