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Canterbury Connected Business Improvement District (BID) launched on 13th October 2014. With around 650 businesses in the BID area, the BID is business led, business managed and business focussed. We are one of more than 180 BIDs nationally: however, Canterbury Connected is the first in Kent!

The BID Proposal was developed with a number of key elements in mind:

  1. To involve everyone who has a stake in Canterbury city centre. The eligibility level was set at £1,700 Rateable Value (RV) so that as many businesses as possible could have a say in the BID and in the city centre. In some other BIDs, the level can be set as high at £20,000 RV which we think excludes small independent businesses who, while not having to pay, then also don’t have a say in what happens in their city. We also have residents’ representatives on the BID Board, as well as CCC, KCC and the Police.
  2. To make sure the BID is transparent in everything it does. We know that the BID’s governance is critical and we will be holding an open nomination process in spring 2015 to form a permanent Board. The Board will then decide on the permanent appointment of a BID Chief Executive. Additionally, the BID will adopt an open approach to its finances which will be open to scrutiny by levy payers annually.
  3. To concentrate on issues that are important to our levy payers, whatever their business sector. We consulted across the city when we put the Proposal together and while some businesses are yet to see what the BID has to offer them at this early stage, we are confident that everyone, irrespective of their sector or size, will see benefit to their business over the 5 years of the BID term.

We believe that the Canterbury Connected BID will transform how the city centre works; the influence business will have on the environment in which they trade; the experience everyone has in the city: whether working, living, studying or visiting; and the way in which everyone works together for the good of our business community.

We look forward to working with you to make this happen.