Canterbury Bid



Attractive streets are important for those working and visiting the city as customers, clients and tourists. The BID committed to providing additional resource for cleaning key parts of the city. As such Canterbury Connected BID contracted with Citrica, a Kent based company, to deliver a programme of deep street cleansing throughout the year in the first three years of the BID. Citrica already work for two BIDs in London and receive numerous plaudits for their delivery there. We are now reviewing your cleaning priorities to find out what the needs are in the city centre.


Graffiti removal

In the meantime, we are very pleased to have some money left in the cleaning budget to tackle graffiti across the city centre, and, in particular, to apply anti-graffiti coating so the graffiti is easier to remove going forward. There are some brick surfaces that we can’t clean without further permissions because cleaning the plain brick could damage the surface, but we won’t give up.

So far we have cleaned:

  • The alley between SuperDry and Yorkshire Building Society on St Margaret’s Street
  • The walls on Jones Bootmaker and JD Sports on White Horse Lane
  • The wall on Jack Kilpatrick Hairspa on Hawk’s Lane
  • The wall on the Oxfam Shop on Best Lane

See the before and after photos below.


Whitehorse Lane and Best Lane – before:



Whitehorse Lane and Best Lane – after:



Ongoing cleaning with soap and water (thanks to anti-graffiti coating, the Canterbury BID Ambassadors and locals helping out!):



If you see or are aware of somebody spray-painting graffiti, you should report it to the police on 01227 762 055. You can also report problems to Crime Stoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Graffiti is a blight and if left encourage more to appear. The BID is currently in discussion with Canterbury City Council, Serco and our contractor Citrica about how we tackle the problem in the city centre as it is quite a complex process and can be expensive.

In the meantime Canterbury City Council can remove graffiti from private property free of charge for the first two hours labour or up to a maximum area of 5 m2. There is a charge for labour in excess of two hours or in excess of 5 m2 if there is a request for the extra work to be carried out. To take advantage of this service click here to apply for free graffitti removal.