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Canterbury Connected BID has agreed terms with a local company, ZTP, to help BID levy payers reduce their utility bills where possible. They offer a free utility cost evaluation service for BID businesses and no fee is charged by ZTP to BID levy payers. This service is part of making Canterbury a Great Centre for Business. There are over 650 businesses in the BID area and we want to help you survive and thrive.

ZTP are an Energy Management business with offices in the Canterbury BID area and London. They have already helped BID businesses save money on utilities.

Here is how ZTP have helped businesses in the BID area:

As of March 2016 ZTP have secured savings for 17 businesses in the BID area.

  • Savings to date: £19,986.79
  • Average annual savings for BID businesses: £1,332,45
  • Number of businesses in the BID area: 17 with a further 73 interested
  • Most recently saved a café / restaurant £1,340 annually

There is no obligation – simply complete the form below to request an appointment to find out more.

 Frequently Asked Questions about ZTP

“We have found ZTP both pleasant and efficient to work with. Since appointing them as our energy consultant we have had significant year on year savings for our gas and electricity supply. ZTP keenly monitor the energy market to get the best possible deal. This all helps Hazle McCormack Young demonstrate our environmental awareness which is of growing importance to our clients.” Hazle McCormack Young

Recent savings and free evaluations

  • Local café: £1,340 savings per year (BID Levy £135 per year)
  • Local café: savings of 11.5% on electric & 20% on gas – against current rates.
  • Offices:  26% annual saving which amounts to £640 and 30% annual savings which amounts to £850
  • A retail site: 21% saving which amounts to £750 (evaluation based on current rates)

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