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The BID works with Canterbury City Council, Kent County Council, Kent Police and other bodies to ensure the city is coordinated, operates well and make sure that the levy payers’ interests are represented positively and that city centre businesses are included in vital decision making.

Canterbury City Council: St Georges Street and Canterbury Market consultation 10 May – 21 June 2021

Canterbury City Council (CCC) is consulting on proposals for a £1,000,000 major revamp of St George’s Street in Canterbury, designed to improve the paving, seating and street lighting on St George’s Street, to provide cycle racks, and to plant 14 new trees and remove five. CCC are also considering options for the space currently used by the market and the possibility of accommodating different kinds of street traders as well as creating a fully‐flexible space to host events, attractions and activities.

The consultation runs from 10 May to 21 June. CCC originally started consultation on this at the start of last year. However, the process stalled and wasn’t completed due to Covid‐19. Even if you gave CCC your views in the original consultation, CCC are asking you to complete the form again.

More information about the consultation can be found here. Please note the proposed changes are detailed within the consultation questionnaire.

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Recent Consultations

Consultation Period Proposal Canterbury BID Response
18/01/21 – 02/04/21 Canterbury City Council Climate Change Action Plan 2020-2030 BID Response to CCC Climate Change Action Plan 2020-2030
18/01/21 – 24/03/21 Canterbury City Council Corporate Plan 2021 – 2024 BID Response to CCC Corporate Plan 2021-2024
23/11/20 – 11/01/21 Proposed Changes to Charges and Conditions in Council Car Parks Canterbury BID Parking Consultation Report 11.01.2021
APPENDIX A Questionnaire
APPENDIX B Postcode Data
APPENDIX C Workshop participants
APPENDIX D OSPPO Proposals (BID Board meeting 18.11.20)
APPENDIX E Proposed Changes to Charges and Conditions in Council Car Parks
APPENDIX F Options for Parking Discounts or Incentives
APPENDIX G further contributions
25/11/19 – 10/01/20 Parking Strategy Review and Proposed Changes to Charges and Conditions in Council Car Parks Canterbury BID-Parking Consultation- Report 7.1.20