Canterbury Bid

The BID rules

The BID legislation of 2004 sets out the rules and regulations under which the BID ballot must be carried out and the framework under which the BID must operate. Key points are:

The BID creation and ballot

  • Each eligible business ratepayer within the defined area will have one vote provided they are listed on the national Non-Domestic Rates list as provided by Canterbury City Council on 9th May 2014.
  • An interest free loan of £12,000 from Canterbury City Council has been used to develop the BID Proposal. This will be repaid over two years in the event of a successful ballot.

BID operations and management

  • Canterbury City Council, through its agent East Kent Services, is the only authorised body able to collect the BID levy on behalf of the BID Company. To contact East Kent Services about your levy bill, ring 01227 862 326.
  • Collection and enforcement regulations will be in line with those applied to non-domestic business rates, with the BID Board of Directors responsible for any debt write-off.
  • The BID funding will be kept in a separate BID account and transferred to the BID Company.
  • The BID Board can authorise changes to timescales and resources allocated to projects provided they remain in line with the overall BID objectives. However changes CANNOT be made to the BID area or levy for the life of the BID.
  • The BID Board will meet a minimum of 9 times a year.
  • All levy paying businesses will be eligible to be members of the BID company and to vote at annual general meetings.
  • The BID Company will produce annual accounts made available to all company members.
  • BID staff will be appointed and work with the appropriate agencies to deliver the activities of the BID.
  • The BID will last 5 years. At the end of five years, a renewal ballot must be held if businesses wish to continue with the BID.

The BID levy and who contributes

  • The BID levy rate will be fixed for the full term of the BID (five years) and will not be subject to inflation or alterations.
  • Only those businesses liable for a levy will be entitled to vote in the BID ballot.
  • The BID levy will apply to all businesses within the defined area with a rateable value of £1,700 and above, provided they are listed on the Non-Domestic Rates list as provided by Canterbury City Council. The cost of collection of the levy payable for properties below £1,700 is financially unviable and this is the reason for their exclusion.
  • The levy will be 1.5% for the term of the BID.
  • Businesses that are part of the Whitefriars Shopping Centre will pay 1% levy in recognition of the substantial Service Charge those businesses already pay.
  • Non-retail charities will receive an 80% relief on their BID levy. If this places their levy below the amount equivalent to a levy for a business with a rateable value of below £1,700, then they will be exempt from the levy and will not be entitled to vote in the ballot.
  • The levy will be on a Chargeable Day basis and due as a single annual payment collected by East Kent Services (EKS), Canterbury City Council’s collection agency, in October. If a hereditament changes tenant during the course of a year no refund will be paid to the departing tenant who will have to seek an accommodation or otherwise with the new tenant.
  • Vacant premises: The landlord will be liable for the levy on a vacant property. No charity relief will apply and the full levy will be due at 1% of RV for a Whitefriars property and 1.5% for all others.
  • VAT will not be charged on the BID levy.