Canterbury Bid

Animating Vacant Units

First impressions count. Empty units can soon become a blight on a city centre, which is why we are working actively to manage and dress these units. We work with partners to develop creative approaches to address issues associated with vacant units as well as working with local agents and landlords to direct enquiries for permanent space and pop-ups in vacant units. 

It has been proven that a shop frontage that is well dressed is rented out much faster than a whitewashed window that falls into disrepair and becomes a focus for anti-social activity. In partnership with property owners/agents in Canterbury, we are actively encouraging and working with them to dress empty units presenting a well designed frontage.

Since 2021 we have dressed 161 windows (this includes some vinyls that have subsequently been removed or replaced with other vinyls) to promote different projects and events, showcase student artwork, maps to direct visitors and signage to promote the different areas of the city. Here is just a snap shot:

  • Debenhams Project (Guildhall Street, Sun Street, Mercery Lane, High Street, Sun Yard)
  • Christmas Vinyl Project (High Street, Burgate, Mercery Lane, Marlowe Arcade, St Margaret Street, Guildhall Street, Whitefriars)
  • Bloom Project (Whitefriars, Northgate, High Street, Guildhall Street)
  • Sun Yard Art Display (Sun Yard)
  • Bison Project (Guildhall Street)
  • Jubilee Project (Whitefriars)
  • Cathedral Quarter Project (Burgate, Long Market, Iron Bar Lane)
  • Whitefriars Events vinyl
  • Pride Vinyl

And we have more planned!