Canterbury Bid


Canterbury BID is a not-for-profit organisation run for the business community of Canterbury. We are obliged to spend levy payers money wisely and monitor the performance of the contracts we enter into. As part of our normal course of business, we will be entering into legally-binding contracts which may last over several years in order to deliver the projects and services promised in the Business Plan. Some of these (eg Christmas lights) are of substantial value. We currently have the following contracts in place:

  • Christmas lights with Gala Lights
  • Hanging flower baskets with Window Flowers
  • Ambassadors with The Welcome People
  • The Canterbury Gift Card with Miconex

In order to ensure value for money for significant purchases, research will be carried out on the goods or services in question and a relevant specification drawn up. Written quotes will be obtained, or the contract put out for tender, dependent on value as follows:

Value of Purchase (£) Action Required
Below £1,000 One written quote (where appropriate/applicable)
Between £1,000 and £2,500 Two written quotes (where appropriate/applicable)
Between £2,500 and £20,000 Three written quotes
Above £20,000 Formal tender published online and circulated widely

Where the supplier chosen is not the cheapest, the reasons for this choice will be documented and approved by the Finance Committee Chair or the Tender Panel.

Tender process

  1. All tender documentation to be reviewed and approved by the Finance Committee. Where there is a sub-committee established they will be responsible for writing the initial tender, otherwise it will be responsibility of the executive team. The relevant committee shall agree specification for the service or product and the requirements of the supplier including quality requirements. Agree marking criteria (eg 60% price, 40% quality) where appropriate
  2. Advertise as widely as possible through local networks and contacts, place opportunity on web site, allowing a response time suitable for the work required
  3. Ensure the advertisement gives clear information about how to apply
  4. Send out the specification to interested parties with full information of how to submit a tender
  5. Evaluate responses on the basis of the agreed specification set in point 1, by a panel of at least three people, including a minimum of 2 Board directors. Ensure that people on the panel have no conflict of interest with the services/produces being procured.
  6. Shortlist if necessary
  7. Invite shortlisted suppliers for interview/presentation where required – for specific products and some services the purchase can be made on the basis of the quote. For some high value products or services it may be worth considering inviting a shortlist of suppliers to make a presentation.
  8. Take up references if appropriate
  9. Undertake any legal review if required
  10. Award contract
  11. Contractual review process as per specification detailed in point 1

Any tenders for contracts over £20,000 will be posted here.