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Ticketless parking is on its way

Ticketless parking is coming - it's easy, no more tickets, pay for what you use, quick automatic payments online

The biggest transformation of parking in the district for a generation gets underway on Monday 18 April when the city council starts a six month trial of ticketless parking. Using the latest technology, the council is installing new barriers and cameras at Pound Lane in Canterbury, Middle Wall in Whitstable and William Street in Herne Bay, as well as upgrading the current system at the Castle Street multi storey in Canterbury. The system is known as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR).

Motorists will no longer need to buy a ticket at the machine on arrival, but instead will pay before leaving the car park using an online account, through an app, or at the payment machine.

Find out more about ticketless parking, including full details about how it works and information for Blue Badge and permit holders, at

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