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Shoplifting investigation

Briefing from Kent Police and the Business Crime Reduction Partnership

Kent Police together with the Business Crime Reduction Partnership (BCRP) would like to update you on our approach to the investigation of shoplifting.

Kent Police will continue to investigate all shop thefts in a proportionate manner. The initial call received by the retailer will be assessed by the police call taker and either resourced for attendance or passed to the Kent Police Investigation Management Unit for action.

When reporting an offence, we would ask that the CCTV of the offence is viewed, confirmed to be of good quality, showing clearly the offence and offender in question. It should then be downloaded and made available for collection by officers. Where proportionate lines of investigation are not available e.g. the offender or offence is not clear, the crime will be recorded and filed.

In circumstances where a police officer has not attended and proportionate lines of enquiry exists, the investigation will start following confirmation that CCTV has been downloaded, ensuring the most efficient use of police resources.

Where the suspect and or offence cannot be identified from the CCTV, the crime will be recorded and filed.

In circumstances where the offender has been detained, can be identified, is unknown for offending and compliant, our Investigation Management Unit may consider a proportionate outcome with the retailer over the phone. Details of the offender should then be passed to the BCRP Manager to assist with the prevention of further offences.

It is important that retailers take positive action to prevent the crimes from occurring. Regular positive action by stores, such as the offering of baskets, reduces offending and demand on finite police resources.

Such interventions and intelligence relating to known offenders should be passed to the BCRP Crime Manager, enabling the sharing of good practice and the reduction of offences within the partnership.

Thank you for your cooperation. Should you wish further information, please contact your BCRP manager or alternatively Alan Dann, Crime Reduction Project Manager at Kent Police on 01622 653203 or

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