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Kent County Council – Notice of Road Closures

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Message from Kent County Council:

To allow a programme of works to be carried out to install security bollards, Kent County Council has made an Order to temporarily prohibit through traffic on sections of various roads in Canterbury City Centre.

Phased closures are planned to start on or after 29 July 2019. The dates of closures are yet to be finalised. Once the dates have been confirmed, the actual dates of closures will be publicised beforehand, sign-posted on site and notified to local businesses and residents.

The works are likely to need 2 separate closures for any specific road, for installation and commissioning works. It is anticipated that only one road will be closed at any time.Road closures and allied restrictions will be clearly indicated by appropriate signage and barriers on site.

The roads affected, extents of closure and alternative routes are as shown below, listed in alphabetical order:

BEST LANE – closed between King’s Bridge and the exit from Orange Street Car Park
Alternative route via High Street, Guildhall Street and Orange Street or via High Street and The Friars.

BURGATE – closed between Canterbury Lane and Iron Bar Lane
Alternative route via Canterbury Lane, Link Lane and Iron Bar Lane.

GUILDHALL STREET – closed between High Street and Palace Street.
Alternative route via High Street, Best Lane and Orange Street. Access will be maintained up to Sun Yard.

HAWKS LANE – closed from junction with St Margaret’s Street
Alternative route via Stour Street and Watling Street.

ROSE LANE – closed from the rising bollard adjacent to Tesco
Alternative route via Watling Street, A28 Rhodaus Town, Pin Hill, A290 Rheims Way and St Peter’s Place.
Delivery vehicles should use Watling Street, A28 Upper Bridge Street, Lower Bridge Street, Burgate, Canterbury Road and Iron Bar Lane.

ST MARGARET’S STREET – closed between High Street and Watling Street.
Alternative route via High Street, St Peter’s Street, A290 St Peter’s Place, St Peter’s Roundabout, Rheims Way, A28 Pin Hill, Rhodaus Town and Watling Street. Local access available to Hawks Lane

ST PETER’S STREET – closed between St Peter’s Place and 26 St Peter’s Street.
Alternative route via The Friars, Orange Street, Palace Street, Borough, Northgate, Kingsmead Road and North Lane.

ST PETER’S LANE – closed from junction with St Peter’s Street northwards for approximately 30 metres
Alternative route via St Peter’s Street, A290 St Peter’s Place, St Peter’s Roundabout, St Peter’s Place, North Lane, The Causeway and St Peter’s Lane.

SUN STREET – closed between Buttermarket and Palace Street
Alternative route via Burgate, Canterbury Lane, St George’s Street, A28 Upper Bridge Street, Watling Street, Rose Lane, High Street and Guildhall Street

THE FRIARS – closed from Best Lane to vicinity of number 11
Alternative route via Best Lane, High Street, The Friars and Orange Street

Due to the nature of the works, the restrictions will need to remain in force at all times, including weekends.
For certain closures it will be necessary to suspend the Pedestrian Zone Order which prevents vehicles using Burgate, Guildhall Street, High Street, Rose Lane, St Margaret’s Street, St Peter’s Street and Sun Street, to allow the use of these roads for diversions.

For some closures, the No Entry restriction in respect of Guildhall Street, Hawks Lane and St Margaret’s Street will be suspended when the relevant signs are covered over, so that the roads become two-way to allow access and exit.
This Order comes into force from Monday 29 July 2019 and remains in force until the works have been completed, currently estimated to be 31 October 2019.

This programme may be affected by weather and archaeological factors which may potentially cause changes at short notice; every effort will be made to keep as close as possible to the planned dates that are notified, and any changes will be publicised.

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