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Northgate and The Riverside!

On May 2nd we held a workshop with busiensses in Northgate and The Riverside.

Each part of Canterbury has a unique identity and special stories to tell – reasons why people come to work, seek support, shop, enjoy food & drink and generally to have a good time – and we wanted to hear directly from businesses about the best way to communicate to customers, clients and staff. This initial workshop helped us understand how we can support and promote businesses in those areas.

The Riverside and Northgate are very different but there are benefits to better connections. And we will separate out the uniqueness of each and the storytelling at the next workshop.

Did you know?

Here’s what everyone said:

We also talked about challenges and how Canterbury BID could help:

To get involved now, contact Canterbury BID about how we can support with networking, training, marketing and business support. We’d love to hear from you.

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