Canterbury Bid

Event Sponsorship and Support

It is essential that Canterbury remains a vibrant and creative destination for visitors and locals. Canterbury boasts a rich mix of events throughout the year, delivering over 105,000 visitors to the city centre.

Each year Canterbury Connected BID provides support and sponsorship for events taking place within the city centre of Canterbury. These are events that we feel will:

  • benefit the strong cultural branding the city
  • increase visitor numbers, dwell time and spend
  • assist in creating a superb destination for our residents and visitors

Our mission is to help make Canterbury a vibrant, exciting, well connected and successful business community; an attractive, clean, green, safe and enjoyable destination for customers and clients, shoppers and staff, residents, students and visitors; and a profitable place in which to do business.

Average sponsorship allocation is between £500 – £1.5k, but can vary.  The committee meets once per quarter (usually, September / December / March / June) to process requests.

If you have an event which you would like the BID to consider providing sponsorship for within the city centre, you can Event and Funding Application Template 2022-23

It invests in existing events and festivals and supports the development of new ones, ensuring that they benefit BID levy payers directly in driving footfall and profitability.