Canterbury Bid

Canterbury’s Green Spaces

You are never more than 5 minutes from a green space in Canterbury. The city is surrounded by beautiful and spacious outdoor parks and gardens. Why not make the most of your visit – there are plenty of areas to explore.

Canterbury Safari Guide

Canterbury has the most amazing flora, fauna and biodiversity. Back in 2017 the Canterbury in Bloom Committee created a special guide, helping visitors find some of our award-winning parks and green spaces and spot some of the fascinating creatures that live in them. See how many you can spot by downloading the excellent guide here: A Canterbury Safari

Canterbury Sculpture Trail 

Explore the city and experience public art, parks and gardens and the riverside. On a fine day why not take advantage of one of the sculptural seats with park or river views.

The Marlowe Trail

The Marlowe trail is 1.6 miles long as is consisted of several building and hotspots around the city centre that were in some way connected to Christopher Marlowe. The map itself can be found here and highlights include his former school and house. You will literally walk his daily route and through streets he would’ve been very familiar with.

Canterbury City Wall

The Romans first built the walls around Canterbury towards the end of the 3rd century. Even through Anglo-Saxon and Norman times, the circuit of walls remained pretty much the same, even surviving a deadly Viking raid in 835! About half of the ring of walls is still here, wrapped around the centre of Canterbury. Stroll leisurely around them and take in the dramatic view on both sides -and great perspective on Canterbury.

The Westgate Gardens 

The park and historical Tower House are very pretty and well-maintained with the clear waters of the river Stour running through it. See here for directions. While there visit their 200 year old Oriental Plane – we bet you can’t get your arms all the way around it!

Dane John Gardens 

Dane John Gardens is a beautiful historic park within Canterbury city’s walls dating back to 1551, and includes a mound which historical records prove was there in the first century AD. Stroll along the city walls which border one side of the gardens and wander up to the top of the mound for an excellent view of the city. It even has a café in the gardens to buy a warming coffee after all your exercise.

Award-winning City in Bloom

Canterbury has taken part in the South & South East in Bloom (S&SEiB) regional campaign since 2012 and in 2015 we were awarded Gold in South & South East in Bloom (S&SEiB), and in 2017 Gold in Britain in Bloom. Canterbury was selected for its outstanding commitment to environmental responsibility, community participation and gardening achievement.

  • 2020 – S&SEiB: Awarded Gold and featured in Britain in Bloom’s digital campaign
  • 2019 – S&SEiB: Awarded Gold and nominated for Britain in Bloom
  • 2018 – No campaigns this year – instead we focussed on Canterbury’s Green Heritage
  • 2017 –S&SEiB and Britain in Bloom: Awarded Gold
  • 2016 – S&SEiB: Retained Gold
  • 2015 – S&SEiB: Awarded Gold
  • 2013 – S&SEiB: Awarded Silver Gilt
  • 2012 – S&SEiB: Awarded Silver

Canterbury in Bloom Portfolios

Canterbury in Bloom 2020 Portfolio

Hanging baskets

The BID supplies 350-400 hanging baskets to businesses within the BID area from June to September, which are installed, maintained and watered by our contractor Windowflowers Ltd. This equates to 1 million flowers displayed across the city!