Canterbury Bid

Canterbury on BBC Radio Kent


Canterbury featured on BBC Radio Kent this morning in the run-up to this lovely, warm, sunny Easter weekend.

Deirdre Wells, Chief Executive of Visit Kent, talked about how many people are visiting Kent with recent figures showing a 13% increase compared to 2018.

International and staycation visitors from the United States, Thailand, Spain and the UK were interviewed about why they chose Canterbury:

“because it’s a very beautiful place”
“it’s thriving here”
“so much history”
“Canterbury Tales”
“famous authors”
“charming”, “vibrant”

In Canterbury, you can explore the whole city, hopping from one Easter Trail to another. If you do them all, you’ll explore most of the city – from the Westgate Parks to the Cathedral Quarter. There are plenty of activities, prizes and chocolates to enjoy in Canterbury’s gardens, cobbled streets and beautiful historical buildings.

Explore Canterbury this Easter.

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