Canterbury Bid

Board Nominations 2020

Canterbury BID is an independent, business-led, not-for-profit initiative voted for by the businesses of Canterbury in July 2014 and again in July 2019 for another five-year term. The BID is managed by a paid staff and led by a voluntary Board of Directors, representing the businesses who operate in the city, and including designated representatives from our city’s large institutions and local authorities, and observers from residents’ groups and Kent Police.

At the beginning of every BID term, we invite any levy-paying business or organisation in the BID area to nominate themselves to serve on the Board until the end of the BID term (September 2024).

In an increasingly uncertain world, the BID has proved to be an essential and successful way for the business community to have a voice and for your levy to be invested in a way that supports you.

The following provides you with everything you need in order to nominate yourself:

Nomination and Selection Process

Board Director Job Description

Nomination Form


  • 19 to 31 October: Nominations open
  • 3 November: Results announced if the exact number (or fewer) nominations are received or ballot announced
  • 10 November: Ballot held if more nominations are received in total than there are Board places available.
  • 11 November: Ballot results announced (if more nominations are received in total than there are Board places available).
  • 18 November: BID Board Meeting (the BID Board meets 6 times per year in September, November, January, March, May and July)

Nominations are open from 19 to 31 October 2020. Each nomination must be supported and signed by a Seconder: This is a named representative of another levy paying business/organisation, that also meets the eligibility criteria on levy payment, from within the Canterbury BID area.

Nominees must complete the Nomination Form and either email it to or send it to Canterbury BID, Second Floor, 20-22 Watling St, Canterbury CT1 2UA.