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Upcycle Your Waste!

Upcycle Your Waste - your waste might be someone elses resource

‘Upcycle your Waste’ is a new international 3 year-project which aims to support SMEs in reducing costs, by handling and transforming waste into new resources.

The project is entirely free to participate in, and the mission is to guide businesses step by step.

The first phase of the project is a short phone interview, to evaluate your business barriers and drivers for upcycling. In this initial phase of the project, KCC needs 100-150 businesses to take part so they can write the best possible business case for our area. The more businesses they can speak to, the better they can plan for how to use wasted resources to benefit the community and the planet.

Find out more:

E-mail to express your interest or visit the Low Carbon Kent website for more information.

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