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Update from the Canterbury Archaeological Trust  – 30th May 2018

Colman Contractors are progressing very well with the repair of the 2 listed buildings, with new steelwork being installed alongside replacement timer joists to help with the structural integrity of the buildings. The complex works have been designed and undertaken sympathetically in conjunction with the Canterbury City Council Conservation Officer, Heritage England and our own consultants.

The roof to the Georgian Building has now been completed, with similar repairs to the roof of the Tudor building well underway, and with  a majority of the new replacement windows on site we are hoping to have the buildings water-tight fairly soon, which will then in turn facilitate the removal of the existing supporting steel structure on St Margarets Street.

Canterbury Archaeological trust are also progressing very well and have now reached Roman levels within the excavations to the rear of the site, with many interesting artefacts and remains of buildings already discovered.

Both the repairs to the listed buildings and archaeological excavations are targeted for completion the end of July ‘18, which will then enable the main construction of the hotel to commence and following receipt of tenders in coming weeks.

There are three live onsite cameras which are being streamed via the Canterbury Archaeological Society website, which includes a view of the repairs within the ground floor of the Tudor building.

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