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Marketing Canterbury this Summer – how you can get involved

A photo of a man and woman about to enter The Pound in Canterbury

The Summer in Kent campaign has officially launched and Canterbury BID is ensuring that Canterbury is at the heart of the campaign, inviting Londoners, commuters, tourists and residents across the South East to discover more of the Garden of England. The digital marketing campaign, run by Visit Kent, will span May to September and launched on Monday 3 June.

You can get involved by:

  1. Following Visit Kent on all social media channels (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)
  2. Using #SummerInKent for posts you think will appeal to London visitors.
  3. Canterbury will be the focus of Visit Kent digital platforms the week 17 June – help us ensure they have plenty of materials to post about.

2019 will be the BID’s forth year of investing in the campaign to ensure increased visitor spend in Canterbury, benefiting all of our businesses. Visit Kent have ensured impact growth year on year. Their 2017 the campaign delivered 57:1 return on investment (excluding Kent residents) and when including Kent residents generated an additional 46,814 visitor nights and 560,360 day trips worth £21,953,300. This annual campaign has helped shift non-visitors’ propensity to visit Kent by 15% thereby  enhancing the county’s image and drive incremental revenue.

A little campaign history…

The total reach for the 2018 London campaign was over 44.3 million impressions including:

  • Out of home transvision and outdoor panels delivered 36.8 million impressions
  • Digital promotions delivered 4.8 million impressions, generated 8,318 clicks
  • 64,859 views to campaign pages
  • 80,755 visits to partner pages during the campaign period (22.4% increase on 2017)
  • More than 14,000 entries to competitions

Over the last 5 years Canterbury BID has been  driving people to our city – over 142 million people have been reached through BID-funded marketing campaigns focused both on the national and the international market.

“In the last five years, since the BID has been in place, we have doubled our weekly sales and we”re still growing. Without a doubt, this is down to the BID.” Filipe Da Silva Manager, Zizzi’s

“Many of us rely on tourist visitors and therefore advertising in London is wonderful, something we couldn’t have achieved on our own.” Director of Visits & Marketing, Canterbury Cathedral

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