Canterbury Bid

Your FREE ‘Canterbury Safari Guide’

A Canterbury Safari - your FREE guide to the city's flora and fauna

The theme for this year’s Bloom is biodiversity and so we thought it would be fun to produce a leaflet telling everyone about the amazing flora and fauna we have right here in the city centre:

  • The fastest animal on the planet? Check!
  • Killer fish? Check!
  • Incredible animals that migrate thousands of miles and can live to be 100 years old? Check!

The leaflet, A Canterbury Safari will be launched next week and there will be 10,000 FREE copies for our residents and visitors to enjoy; sponsored by Whitefriars, the City Council, the Cathedral HLF Canterbury Journey project and Canterbury Christ Church University as well as the BID, this is a great way to enjoy the city, spend time in some of our most beautiful spaces and learn more about these fascinating creatures.

But remember, people: it’s like a jungle out there… stay safe!

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