Canterbury Bid


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12 April 2017

We met with Sophie Oulton, the Commercial Associate for Deliveroo in Canterbury this week, to touch base along with Anton Walden , City Council Licensing Officer, about their operation in the city since they started in August last year. It was a great meeting and Sophie was really receptive to the points made about the service in the city, including where the riders gather during the day and also ensuring they adhere to the restrictions on cycling in the city centre. However, the overriding point we made to her was how pleased we are to have the service in the city. Currently in the south east she has responsibility for Brighton, Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks and Canterbury. Canterbury is among the fastest growing places for them and is currently around 300 deliveries a day, fewer when the students aren’t here apparently…! While this compares to Brighton’s 1,500 daily deliveries, it dwarfs the 100 a day in the other locations and is still on the rise. We welcome this as it gives opportunities for our city centre restaurants to sell product across the city in an environmentally friendly way, providing employment for local people, and Sophie mentioned that in Canterbury the independent businesses are especially popular!

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