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Canterbury Connected BID Update

Canterbury Connected BID was successful at ballot with a terrific turnout of 54% (one of the best turnouts locally since the General Election in 2010 and nearly 10% higher than the average for a first time BID Ballot!), a majority of 64% by number of those voting and 61% by rateable value.

What does this mean?

It means we received a clear majority and mandate for the BID Proposals and that all the improvements (the ‘I’ in BID!) you voted for can and will be delivered.

We are planning for the BID to launch on 13th October as we want the city’s businesses to reap the benefit of the many things we aim to deliver in time for Christmas: Festive Lighting, cleaner streets, Christmas marketing campaign, digital platform…

However, you may have heard that the BID Ballot result has been ‘challenged’ by one of the businesses in the city. We are awaiting confirmation and details of this but if the ‘challenge’ does drag on it may scupper our ability to deliver our plans this year. So, although we are confident our processes and procedures – and those of the City Council who held the Ballot – are robust, the benefits of the BID may be delayed until next year, which would be a great shame.

Meanwhile,  in the hope of a speedy resolution, we are getting on with planning to make your BID a reality and look forward to working with you to shape our amazing city.

Thank you to everyone who voted:

If you voted ‘yes’ then we’ll make sure your confidence in us is rewarded…

If you voted ‘no’ then we think it is great you took part and we will work really hard to prove ourselves to you…

And if you didn’t vote, for whatever reason, we want to make sure you feel part of what we are trying to achieve and that you come to see the BID as a positive development in the city…

Exciting times ahead for Canterbury!

The BID Team

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