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Allergy Guidance for Businesses

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From 13th December 2014, businesses are required to provide information to customers on the 14 most common allergens that may be used in any food they provide to the public. These include “unpackaged” food such as complimentary biscuits or breakfast. The information must be provided to customers at the point of choosing food. It could be provided orally by a member of staff or written on a chalk board or menu.
However, if it is not practical to provide specific allergen information upfront, businesses should put a clear notice on their menus such as: “Food Allergies and Intolerances: before you order your food and drinks, please speak to our staff if you want to know about our ingredients.” This information needs to be easily visible, legible and not hidden or obscured.
Further information and a guide on how to comply with the new legislation is available on the Food Standards Agency website. You can also ask your local Environmental Health officer for advice.

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