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A Board Regulations

You can view the regulations here.

The City Council Enforcement Team has been focussing on A Boards recently and ensuring that businesses comply with the regulations. These are set out by Kent County Council as the Highways Authority and are being enforced by the City Council after concerns have been expressed by residents about the clutter in the city, which can create an obstruction in some areas and can also detract from the ‘look and feel’ of the city centre in some instances.

However, we also know that for many businesses, especially those in side streets or some distance from the High Street, an A Board can make a real and substantial difference to turnover and can be a key component in successful trading for them. In order to look at the best way forward we are holding a consultation meeting on Friday 10th November for businesses that have real concerns about the enforcement of the A Board policy. If you would like to attend then please email Lisa Carlson on

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