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Canterbury City Council and Kent County Council issue a variety of licences annually, covering everything from running a pub to keeping wild animals, and are also responsible for enforcing the terms of the licence.

Below is a brief summary of the type of licenses that are most relevant to businesses in Canterbury city centre:

Canterbury City Council

Kent County Council

Premises and personal licences
You will need a premises license if your business does any of the following: performance of a play or dance, film events, indoor sporting events, live/recorded music, provides hot food or drink after 11pm and before 5am, supplies alcohol. For course information on food safety click here.
If you It is a legal requirement that anyone wishing to sell or authorise the sale of alcohol must hold a ‘Personal Licence’ which will be issued by Canterbury City Council. You will also need a Licensing qualification to apply for this Licence. For course information click here.
If you own a business and want to place an A-board on the pavement outside your property, you may need planning permission. Please contact Canterbury City Council for further information. You must do this before you start using the A-board. You do not need a licence, but do need to agree to the requirements set out by the enforcement team at KCC.
Temporary Events Notice
If you want to carry out a ‘licensable activity’ in an unlicensed premises. Licensable activity includes: selling alcohol, serving alcohol to members of a private club, providing entertainment, eg music, dancing or indoor sporting events, serving hot food or drink between 11pm and 5am
Tables and chairs
You must apply for a permit to place tables and chairs on the pavement or road from Kent County Council