Canterbury Bid

Canterbury’s Christmas Lights

Canterbury will be shining brightly this Christmas with the city centre being strewn with lights paid for by the businesses in the BID area and provided by Canterbury BID. Our Christmas Lights contractor, Gala Lights tests fixing points and installs the lights around the city. The Christmas lights are designed to complement and enhance this historic city. The lights are on 24/7 with the exceptions of the High Street, Rose Lane and Westgate Towers that are on from 3pm-3.30am.

BID Ambassadors check the lights daily both in the morning and at 4pm.

Here are your lights, in numbers:

6: miles of lights put up each year
8: timers installed on the High Street and Rose Lane (lights are on 3pm til 3.30am)
12: people to put up and take down the lights over 7 nights
17: switches along the parade route
100s: of permissions obtained by the BID team, allowing lights to be attached
5,000: in attendance (non-Covid year) at the annual switch-on event, enjoying themselves in our city
£66,000: is the annual cost for our Christmas decorations
118,000: LED lights twinkle above our city from

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