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Severe Emergency Weather Protocol (SWEP) is now in place

Please be aware that Canterbury City Council have today (12 January 2017) taken the decision to implement the Severe Weather Emergency Protocol (SWEP) due to the temperature being forecast to be below 0 for the next 3 nights.  For those…

Help With Homelessness in Canterbury

Catching Lives Winter Shelter

At this time of year the plight of anyone who finds themselves without a bed for the night is particularly poignant. Homelessness is increasing nationally and Canterbury has also seen a rise. Figures vary depending on source but 50-70…


Supporting Porchlight and Catching Lives

Small things can make a difference this winter It is the shared mission of Porchlight and Catching Lives to ensure that the homeless are not excluded from society and to help put an end to the harm that homelessness causes.…