Canterbury Bid

Flowers Galore!

Some pink flowers growing on a hedge or bush

Canterbury has achieved a Silver and a Silver Gilt award in the South & South East in Bloom competition in recent years and this year we want to re-enter and see if we can win GOLD! Why is this important, though?

  1. The impact on the city for visitors, residents, customers and businesses. There is a lot of research that indicates that places that look better, especially when decorated with flowers, perform better, even for those businesses that aren’t based on serving visitors to the location.
  2. It is about having another ‘hook’ to make people want to come and then come back, as well as to tell their friends what a lovely place Canterbury is.
  3. It is about working across the city with partners in a way that forges better relations all round: between the business community and residents; between residents and the Council’s parks and gardens contractor, Serco; and between the education providers and the businesses.

Watch this space.

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