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During the festive period, take extra care when checking your banknotes

Retailers and businesses will be much busier than normal over the festive period and often employ temporary staff, so there is an increased risk of counterfeit banknotes being passed.

During this busy time the Bank of England are reminding retailers and businesses to check that banknotes being passed in transactions are genuine, and to ensure staff know what to do if they suspect a banknote is counterfeit.

Manual checks can quickly and easily be made using the security features on banknotes whenever notes are being passed in a transaction. Don’t rely on checking just one security feature, but check a few such as;

  • The feel of the paper and the raised print
  • The watermark
  • The holograms
  • The metallic thread
  • The motion thread on the £50 note

If a counterfeit note is suspected or discovered, you should notify the police in all instances.

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