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Fill in our parking survey by 23 December

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Canterbury City Council is seeking to make a number of changes to its car parking strategy. They are currently consulting the public on these proposals. Canterbury Business Improvement District is aware that these changes, if implemented, are likely to have an impact on the business community and are keen to ensure that your views are heard as part of the consultation.

We have commissioned a local independent organisation the Public Engagement Agency Ltd, to work with us to obtain feedback about what matters to you in relation to the consultation and to write up an independent report.

It is really important that we understand your views and any concerns that you may have so we would be very grateful if you could fill in this short survey by 5pm on 23 December.  It will only take a few minutes and will help us represent your views more accurately.

This survey assumes that you have read Canterbury City Council’s Parking Strategy Review and Proposed Changes and understand them. If not, you can find the document here.

If you have any queries or would like to provide further comments, please email the Canterbury BID team on

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