Canterbury Bid

Canterbury Connected BID Update – September 2014

It’s been a few weeks since we announced the Business Improvement District (BID) result and we think it is really important that we let you know what is happening. We have:

  • Appointed Gala Lights of Maidstone, from the six companies we interviewed, to deliver Christmas lights in the city, agreed a scheme having consulted with a number of businesses in the city and started obtaining permissions from landlords to fix lights to their buildings (the register the Council had is a number of years old now and so we need to start again, effectively)
  • Appointed a Kent company, Citrica, to undertake the additional cleaning that the city needs. This was also a competitive tender process and Citrica was the unanimous choice: they already work for two BIDs in London and are very highly recommended by both of them.
  • Agreed terms with a local company, ZTP, to help BID levy payers reduce their utility bills where possible.
  • Agreed a new deal for the MyCanterbury app under which ALL BID levy payers will be able to register their business FREE with an enhanced directory entry on the app, with any additional promotion on a ‘paid for’ basis.
  • Begun scoping out a Christmas marketing programme for the city this year so that our businesses can take the best advantage of the new Christmas lights and get people shopping in the city.

We did have a challenge to the BID Ballot result which was received by the Secretary State at the Department of Communities and Local Government. However, this was not found to be valid and so we now have the ‘all clear’ to get on with delivering what the city needs in the short term, which is Christmas lights and marketing, followed by additional cleaning, BID Ambassadors and so much more.

Thanks again…

….to everyone and we think it is right to repeat the commitment we made immediately after the Ballot Result was announced:

  • If you voted ‘yes’ then we’ll make sure your confidence in us is rewarded…
  • If you voted ‘no’ then we think it is great you took part and we will work really hard to prove ourselves to you…
  • And if you didn’t vote, for whatever reason, we want to make sure you feel part of what we are trying to achieve and that you come to see the BID as a positive development in the city…

Exciting times ahead for Canterbury!

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