Connected City


Canterbury is a great city but we don’t always communicate or work together as well as we could. The BID will make sure that everything it delivers is as ‘joined up’ as possible and that citywide communication is at the heart of everything that happens.

The BID will:

  • Digital strategy for Canterbury – Work with key partners on developing a digital strategy to ensure Canterbury’s businesses are able to compete digitally.
  • Transport and access – Consult with businesses and influence transport and parking plans to ensure that they are appropriate for a major retail, business service and visitor location.
  • Co-ordination and lobbying – Work with CCC, KCC, Kent Police and other bodies to ensure the city is coordinated, operates well and make sure that the levy payers’ interests are represented positively and that city centre businesses are included in vital decision making.
  • Canterbury Connected conference – Develop a bi-annual Canterbury Connected conference, bringing together the leaders from organisations across the city to ensure that Canterbury is at the forefront of current thinking on the issues that will be critical for a successful city.