Attractive streets are important for those working and visiting the city as customers, clients and tourists. The BID has committed to provide additional resource for cleaning key parts of the city, notwithstanding the clear requirement to only invest in areas that are additional to that which is the accountability of either of the local councils. As such Canterbury Connected BID has contracted with Citrica, a Kent based company to deliver a programme of deep street cleansing throughout the year. Citrica already work for two BIDs in London and receive numerous plaudits for their delivery there.

Citrica are supplying two operatives with a BID branded vehicle and cleansing equipment. The BID will direct them to the priority areas and their focus will be on ‘deep cleaning’ the pavements, washing signs, comms boxes and phone boxes. They will not carry out duties which the Council have employed Serco to deliver and we will be very clear about this.

The team have been operational since November 2014 and have already made an impact. The team work between 8pm and 6am Monday – Thursday. Sadly Fridays are just TOO busy in the city centre!

We are trying to complete areas as we go so don’t want to do too many ‘specials’ but if you have an area that needs some serious attention then please let us know and if we can help, we will.

Meet the Team – Paul and Dean



Monthly Stats

Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Total
Sticker Removal 17 5 32 17
Graffiti Removal 19 4 12 19
Phone boxes cleaned 5 4 3 5
No. bottles picked up 20 18 22 20
No. tin cans picked up 17 25 32 17

Progress to Date



If you see or are aware of somebody spray-painting graffiti, you should report it to the police on 01227 762 055. You can also report problems to Crime Stoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Graffiti is a blight and if left encourage more to appear. The BID is currently in discussion with Canterbury City Council, Serco and our contractor Citrica about how we tackle the problem in the city centre as it is quite a complex process and can be expensive.

In the meantime Canterbury City Council can remove graffiti from private property free of charge for the first two hours labour or up to a maximum area of 5 m2. There is a charge for labour in excess of two hours or in excess of 5 m2 if there is a request for the extra work to be carried out. To take advantage of this service click here to apply for free graffitti removal.