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Council Parking Consultation – Have Your Say!

Canterbury City Council is seeking to make a number of changes to its car parking strategy, and we are aware that these changes, if implemented, are likely to have an impact on the business community. We are always keen to ensure that the views of local businesses and organisations are heard, so we commissioned a local independent organisation, the Public Engagement Agency Ltd, to work with us in obtaining feedback from you and to write up an independent report, to be shared with the Council. This report is now available for you to use in your responses to the Council which you can do by:

  1. Filling in the Council’s questionnaire, and
  2. Submitting a letter directly to the Council: You can use the the independent report we commissioned from the Public Engagement Agency, which is based on a survey of BID businesses (with over 20% response rate) and a workshop we held on December 10th. We will submit this report along with a cover letter form the BID. If you would prefer to use our pro forma document, click to download it here: PRO FORMA

It’s really  important that businesses submit responses directly to the Council – the more responses, the more of an impact this will have. The Council’s Regeneration & Property Committee will discuss the proposals on January 23rd and the Policy & Resources Committee will meet on February 5th to decide on these proposals. You can also register to speak at both of these committees to ensure your view is heard by councillors. We will attend both committee meetings.

To speak at a Council committee meeting, email Democratic Services as soon as the agenda is published (usually a week before the meeting), stating that you would like to speak and on what agenda item.

Regeneration and Property Committee on 23 January

Policy and Resources Committee on 5 February

Read the BID’s independent report here.


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