Evening & Night Time Economy Conference 2017


Canterbury has been accredited with the Purple Flag award for a great night out since 2011 and after our last assessment, the judges said: “The panel would like to congratulate you in particular as it really shows through on the submission and assessment at just how good a place Canterbury is with their NTE.” 

Purple Flag is the only UK award for the evening and night time economy. While it is not a well-known consumer facing brand, it is increasingly important for a whole range of organisations and especially for families when they make a decision about where to choose for higher education.

Canterbury Connected BID hosted the second Evening and Night Time Economy Conference on 1st March from 10am to 4pm at Canterbury Cathedral Lodge. The evening and night time economy refers to business that operate between 5pm and 5am and involves a wide range of businesses and a diverse group of customers. Whether you’re a restaurant, cafe, pub, club, bar, cinema, theatre, hotel or B&B, this conference is for you. 

Agenda and Presentations

Master presentation.

Canterbury’s Evening & Night Time Economy Video

Who are you? video from the ‘Expect Respect’ presentation.

10:00: Opening remarks Bob Jones, Chief Executive, Canterbury Connected BID

10.15: Best practice in the ENTE: Sarah Walker, ATCM Purple Flag Manager

10.45: Licensing update: Anton Walden, Licensing Officer, Canterbury City Council

11.00: Licensing workshop, Anton Walden
11.00: Marketing in the ENTE: a Case Study with Irene Musumeci, Curzon Cinemas Marketing Manager

12 noon: Launch of Zero Tolerance, Rory Murray, President, Kent Union

12.15: ‘Expect Respect’, Katie Latchford, CCCU Community Liaison Manager and Silvia Rasca, CCCU Students’ Union. Who are you? video

12.30: Security – District Watch: Dave Brenchley, Canterbury District Watch and Laraine Grant, Thames Valley Police Anti-terrorism

1:00– 2:00: Lunch

2:00: The challenges of the ENTE in towns and cities and what the future holds. Dr Julie Grail, Managing Director, The BIDs Business and leading UK BID Consultant

3:00: Marketing in the ENTE: MyCanterbury and Events

3:15 Purple Flag weekend and re-accreditation 2017

3.45: Closing Remarks: Bob Jones

4:00: Close