Annual General Meeting – 2017

The BID has been around for nearly two and a half years and so it is important that all levy paying businesses know what we do and have the opportunity to ask questions of the BID team and the Board Members who oversee what happens. The Year 2 (2015/16) AGM took place on 1st March the following took place: accounts were signed off and made available to levy payers; progress over the first two years was presented (as well as plans for the future); time for Q&A; and a talk by Dr Julie Grail, one of the UK’s leading experts on BIDs and city and town centres on BIDs and the future. Over 70 people attend from across the levy paying community with a number of partners also joining us.

Presentations available here.


Annual General Meeting – 2016

The Board of Directors invited all levy paying businesses to the first Annual General Meeting of Canterbury Connected Business Improvement District (BID), on Wednesday 16th March 2016. At the event there was the statutory approval of the Company Accounts for 2014/2015 and other formal matters, a presentation of the BID’s work in its first year and plans for the future and concluded with a Q&A session afterwards. It was well attended with 50 attendees representing 38 businesses.

Canterbury Connected BID Conference 2015

Canterbury Connected Business Improvement District (BID) held its Annual Conference to present what the BID has achieved in its first year and its plans for year 2, on Wednesday 30th September 2015. It was well attended with 66 attendees representing 44 businesses. To view the presentations from the evening click here.

To view the Visit Kent Kent Contemporary video played at the Conference, see below: