Canterbury is a global brand but lacks presence in key customer markets.
We are facing tremendous competition as a leisure and retail destination. Other places are investing in marketing to promote themselves. Canterbury must do more, and better, to actively tell people where we are and what we have to offer. Without a comprehensive, targeted strategy focused on promoting the mix of shopping, tourism, culture and business in Canterbury, we may well fall behind and lose impetus. We cannot afford to do nothing. To address this, a range of partners in the city led the development of a Canterbury Destination Management Plan (DMP), which will be implemented.

The BID will:

  • Promote Canterbury – Create a Partnership to oversee the ‘whole city’ marketing strategy and develop a collaborative approach to marketing the city to key customer segments and grow overnight stays which are the most valuable visitor segment.
  • Deliver a shared story and collaborative marketing – Develop the Shared Story for Canterbury, to enhance the city’s branding. A clear city-identity will help attract more visitors and clients. A Shared Story conveys what is special and different about the city and is designed for use in marketing communications; it will be made available for use by every business in the city.
  • Events and Festivals – Invest in existing events and festivals, and develop new ones, ensuring that they benefit levy payers directly in driving footfall and profitability.
  • Christmas Lights – Provide Christmas decorations and events to create ‘The Canterbury Christmas’.
  • Improve key entry points to the City – Review and implement a way finding and information strategy, making it easier for people to navigate Canterbury and discover its unique independent offer.
  • A volunteer welcome programme – Develop and provide a professional welcome on the streets of the city, with a focus on offering this opportunity to local people to support their skills development and employability.